Food is our greatest connector, our one, true, universally common thread…

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Here we will hold space to tell the stories of those who are stewarding their land in a way that focuses on regenerative outcomes, as well as those who are enabling and supporting this honourable work. Our purpose at Farmer’s Footprint is to serve our community by creating connection between feeder and eater – grower and gatherer. These yarns have been spun in the hopes of bringing you closer to the people who produce your food, and in turn closer to your truest self.

Meet the Koenigs, a family who are farming to inspire the next generation, through biodynamics.

Meet Bruce Pascoe and Jim Osborne, two landholders who are sharing country and reviving ancient wisdoms

Meet Stuart, Megan, Hamish and Lachlan as they plan for success and succession on their family farm

The Regeneration Of Stoney Creek Farm In The Usa

This short film features the moving story of the fourth generation Breitkreutz family from Stoney Creek Farm in Minnesota, as they transitioned to a regenerative farming system. Using conventional methods they saw their soils degrade and their input costs rise every year, yet today their regenerative practices have helped them establish a significantly more efficient, productive and planet friendly farming operation.

Although this is a perspective from the United States, the patterns of soil degradation from chemical-based conventional farming leading to the destruction and loss of topsoil, decreased yields and intensified droughts are all too common among Australian farmers.

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