Farmer’s Footprint Australia presents

Pathways To Regeneration with Zach Bush MD
2022 Australian Tour


This year, perhaps more than any other, Australians have witnessed the impact of extreme weather events on their food supply – affecting both consumers as well as producers This impact is leading to increasing concern among everyday Australians regarding the effects of human activities on the health and resilience of Australian soil, land and ecosystems.

At the heart of these concerns lies the Australian food system and its ability to feed the nation. Alongside these extreme weather events, recent studies indicate that at the current rate of soil degradation the global food system has fewer than 60 harvests remaining. Coupled with an accelerating chronic disease epidemic, the future is looking increasingly precarious.

As this pressure on farmers and the wider agricultural industry continues to mount, there is a growing movement towards more regenerative farming practices as a means to create a thriving and resilient food system that restores not just the health of humans, but ecosystems too. 

Farmer’s Footprint Australia is a non-profit seeking to accelerate that transition through the power of storytelling. Originally founded in the US in 2018 by Dr Zach Bush, Farmer’s Footprint Australia’s mission is to increase awareness and education among everyday Aussies of the vast benefits of regenerative agriculture. 

A renowned speaker and visionary when it comes to the connection between soil, human and planetary health, Dr Bush will return to Australia this December to speak at a series of public events exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with Australia’s adoption of a regenerative food system.

Joining Zach on stage at each event will be guest panellists including Tanya Massy, Ella Bancroft and Lara Dalrymple providing local context and indigenous perspective as they deep dive into the future of Australia’s food system. 

Tickets are on sale now. All proceeds from ticket sales go to Farmer’s Footprint Australia.

The tour is proudly sponsored by Bardee. Bardee have created a world-class vertical farming system for black soldier fly larvae, capable of transforming thousands of tonnes of food waste into high quality protein ingredients for pet food and animal feed and a certified organic fertiliser.

Zach Bush, MD is a renowned, multi-disciplinary physician of internal medicine, endocrinology, hospice care and internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to human health, soil health, food systems, and a regenerative future.

Farmer’s Footprint Australia is a national non-profit organisation giving voice to Australia’s regenerative food movement. Their vision is to transform Australian agriculture to a regenerative system that recognises and respects humanity’s interdependence with nature. Farmer’s Footprint Australia seeks to achieve this by working collaboratively with stakeholders to create national initiatives that support the cultivation and regeneration of human, soil and planetary health.