Welcome to the Regeneration Allocation

We stand at a critical juncture. Our society is facing escalating environmental threats to health, ecosystems, and food security. We are being called to consider a new way forward. Regeneration offers the power to restore our bond with the earth. For businesses, there is an opportunity to integrate the principles of regeneration into their core values and become leaders in environmental stewardship. The Regeneration Allocation is a vehicle for businesses to step into their role as ambassadors for change, creating a pathway for them to translate their intentions into actions. These actions can help to accelerate the adoption of regenerative systems and practices across Australia.

By partnering with the Program businesses allocate a percentage of their revenue to support regenerative initiatives in Australia and showcase their commitment to a regenerated future through the Regeneration Allocation logo.

We all have a stake in the health of our landscapes and food systems

How the Regeneration Allocation works

Participation is designed to be simple. Businesses are invited to contribute an agreed upon percentage of their profits each financial quarter. The specific percentage allocated is at the discretion of each business, emphasising a foundation of trust.

By creating a platform that nurtures a culture of giving, the Regeneration Allocation functions as a resource to fund the acceleration and amplification of Australia’s regenerative journey.

The funds from the Regeneration Allocation are directed towards Farmer’s Footprint’s national operations and initiatives that directly support people and programs that are contributing towards Australia’s regeneration.

What does reciprocity look like?

By joining the Regeneration Allocation, you publicly affirm your business is supporting Farmer’s Footprint Australia and their efforts to expedite Australia’s regeneration. In return, your business will proudly display the Regeneration Allocation emblem, effectively communicating to your audience your dedication to fostering more regenerative practices.

This cycle of reciprocity will not only convey to your audience your dedication to steering your business towards more regenerative practices but also inspire other businesses to make mindful choices in their operations, building regenerative momentum and fostering a new wave of purpose-led businesses.

The Journey to Partnership

Step 1: Engagement

We establish a connection that facilitates a deep understanding of a business’s intentions, ambitions, mission, and ethical values.

Step 2: Discovery

We will schedule a meeting to walk through the steps to becoming a partner of the program.

Step 3: Due Diligence

We perform both external and internal due diligence to ascertain compatibility with the program.

Step 4: Commitment

Upon successfully completing the due diligence process, the business will receive the legal documentation related to the Regeneration Allocation.

Step 5: Confirmation

Farmer’s Footprint will provide the business with all branding, communication materials, and jointly designed public announcements.

Step 6: Collaboration

The partnership is announced and we begin collaborating towards Australia’s regenerative future. Your audience will recognise your commitment through the Regeneration Allocation Logo.

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